Member Spotlight for December

Member Spotlight

Boston Tea Campaign

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Darjeeling Teas from the Boston Tea Campaign
Darjeeling Tea, the “champagne of teas,” is grown on the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains in the region of Darjeeling in India: at extreme altitudes, on steep slopes, under intensive sunshine in a cool climate.

Pure Darjeeling:
“Darjeeling” is not always Darjeeling. The Tea Board of India estimates that up to 40,000 tons a year are sold as “Darjeeling” worldwide, although the district of Darjeeling only produces 10,000 tons a year. To protect against the blending of genuine Darjeeling with cheaper teas from other areas, the Tea Board awards licenses and a seal of authenticity to companies that sell 100% pure Darjeeling.

Each package of our tea features our license number and the
Tea Board of India’s seal of authenticity.

Darjeeling Slopes

Our environmental record and commitment:
The Boston Tea Campaign is a subsidiary of the legendary German Teekampagne, founded 24 years ago. This company is a leading supporter of reforestation and sustainable development in Darjeeling. Since 1996, over 700,000 trees have been planted in the district of Darjeeling by Project S.E.R.V.E., fully funded by Teekampagne and carried out locally by WWF India.

Please see:

Shop Green Mall. Pooling our resources,
keeping cash in the community.

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